What are the Pros and Cons of Shaving Your Head as a Woman

Pros and Cons of Shaving Your Head as a Woman

Many women wish to know the pros and cons of shaving the head as a woman before they shaved their hair because shaving the head is not an easy option for a woman. It needs a lot of courage and self-support. The head-shaving is becoming popular among many women because of some health issues or the light density of hairs.

At the same time, some women may find it stylish and facilitative to get rid of combing their hair daily. The frizzy hair is challenging to search, and some women find it better to shave the head better to indulge in combing for a long time.

Well, by shaving your head, you may get back your confidence and your personality will become attractive to the rest of the people. Some people won’t think about this option until and unless they have to make up their mind for shaving due to some illness.

Thus, hair growth and hair fall are associated with the mental health of the person. Some women think they will look more beautiful and elegant without hair.

Does Shaving Head Make Hair Grow Thicker?

The shaving will help to grow fresh and darker colored hair. The older hair becomes dull and blunt within time and to get the newer look some women think it better to shave the head. The shiny and stylish head will make the life hassle-free from combing the hair.

The grey hair becomes a trouble for most of the people, and it’s the accurate blood supply that makes the hair dense, not shaving. Thus, you should take a healthy diet and fibrous food to get a better and comprehensive blood supply to the hair and scalp.

How to Shave Your Head?

If you want a smooth and shiny scalp then, you should use an electric razor for shaving your head. While, shaving machines can also do this job but, the result will be different from the razor. The choice is yours how you want to shave your head. The head-shaving involves the following simple step.

Step1 – Cutting the Long Hair

If you have long hair then, cut your hair carefully beside the scalp and ensure the complete cutting to cut down the long hair.

Step 2 – Wash the Head

After cutting the long hair, the next step is to wash the scalp with Luke warm water for removing the hair remnants.

Step 3 – Apply the Shaving Foam

The next thing comes to apply some shaving foam and cream on your head for the softening of hair roots.

Step 4 – Use the Sharp Razor

The shaving cream should not have harsh chemicals. Now, use the sharp razor to shave your head according to the direction of the hair. It’s very facilitative to shave the head after applying shaving cream. Use a handheld mirror to shave the back of the head easily.

Step 5 – Wash the Head

After shaving, wash the head with cold water and pat dry with a soft towel.

The head-shaving is not that difficult to take help from others. You can do it easily at home by following the mentioned steps.

What are the Benefits (Pros) of Shaving Your Head as a Woman?

The benefits of head shaving are apparent from the condition of the person making this decision. Well, We would like to mention its benefits for your better assessment.

Hair Loss or Irregular Hair Pattern

If you are dealing with hair loss or irregular hair growth, then, it’s better to shave your head. Specific medical symptoms also make someone shave the head rather than facing the chronic hair fall. The plucking of the hair may result in an abscess. Thus, it’s essential not to pluck or wax the hair.

Save Time and Money

When you have long hair, you have to do a lot of struggle in styling your hair, and it took away your maximum time. Thus, the shaved head would save your time and money, and you are ready within a few minutes. The shower time will be less, and by putting on the clothes, you are ready to go.

Get Some Style and Confidence

You can get more style to your personality, and your confidence level will boost up by shaving your head. The gorgeous and changed appearance would add the perfect elegance to your personality, and there would be a difference from traditional to something unique.

What are the Side Effects (Cons) of Shaving Your Head as a Woman?

The bare scalp would provide the perfect shiny and smooth head. Besides this, you may experience some side effects that could affect your personality.

Dryness and Irritation

Excessive shaving can bring about the dryness and itchiness of the scalp. Sometimes you may get the razor burn while shaving your head. That’s why it’s essential to apply some oil or moisturizer on your head to let hair follicles sprouts from the skin.

Effect of Sunlight

The bald head becomes exposed to the sunlight, and the UV rays may have a direct effect on your head. You may get sunburn or red spots on the head because of ultraviolet rays. The hair follicle may get grey hair if exposed to the sun continuously.

Growth of Baby Hair

Some ingrown hair may lead to inflammation and infection. It’s better to treat the ingrown hair by consulting any skin specialist. Women with wavy hair may get this problem, and it will not be prolonged if you will treat it wisely.

People’s Opinion

It’s none of your business what the people think about yourself. You are the only one who is responsible for your acts. Thus, you should not think about people’s opinions and try to live your life according to your condition.

Conclusion & Final Words

Shaving your head may be for two reasons. First, you may have any medical condition in which you are dealing with chronic hair loss; then, it’s better to shave your head rather than watching the everyday piles of your lost hair.

Second, you want to change your personality and want to add some classy plus modern look to your appearance. Thus, shaving hair saves your time and provides a worry-free life. There will be no combing, and you are ready within a few minutes.