Razor vs Electric Shaver: Is it Better to Shave Head with a Razor or Electric Shaver

Manual Razors vs. Electric Shavers

Shaving the head can be so much different than shaving the beard. Even those who have been shaving their beard by themselves for years might struggle to get a clean and smooth shave while trying to create a bold look. The grooming tools you use can influence your overall experience.

For shaving the head, you can use both manual and electric razors. Each tool has its own benefits and can drastically alter the results. Is it better to shave your head with a razor or electric shaver? Understanding the nuances of using both these tools would help you understand the answer to this question.

Manual Razors vs. Electric Shavers

Electric shavers come with foil shaving elements or rotary cutters. These are equipped with a motor that drives the blades several times in a minute cutting through hair strands of different thicknesses.

Manual razors are affordable, easy to maintain, and readily available. The electric shaver market has expanded explosively in recent years and there are plenty of choices. There are affordable electric shavers available.

At the first glance manual razors might look like the most affordable solutions. But, considering the long-term expenses of replacing disposable razors, a cost-effective electric razor might appear like a worthy investment.

Manual razors are zero maintenance tools but electric razors need meticulous cleaning routines. The blade replacement frequency depends on the brand and the blade quality. Some electric shavers can only be used dry and the parts are therefore not waterproof. There are several fully washable electric shavers that are easier to maintain.

Shaving the Beard vs. Shaving the Head

  • The skin on the scalp is relatively thicker than the skin on the face. But there tend to be several folds in the skin especially in the bottom portion of the backside of the head which can be difficult to shave.
  • The hair growth is denser on the head and so you shaving the head might take a longer duration.
  • Unlike in a beard shaving routine, there is a major portion of the head that remains invisible unless you position a mirror at the back. This can make shaving the head feel like shaving blindfolded. Your hands are your only guides when shaving the head through an electric shaver.

Why is a Manual Razor Better for Shaving the Head?

Though the market is flooded with plenty of high-end electric shavers for the head, many men still find manual razors to be the best performers when you compare the smoothness of the shave.

When you choose a sharp and durable manual razor, you only need a few passes to cover the whole area. This can be handy when it is about covering a larger area like shaving the head. Manual razors can also provide the cleanest shave leaving your scalp smooth to touch.

Some of the electric shaver heads are bulky. Tight spaces behind the ears can, therefore, feel a little tricky to cover with these shavers. But a manual razor with a slim head can accurately shave behind the ears.

Manual razors are light in weight. Shaving the head takes a lot of time and so a lightweight razor feels less strenuous on the hands.

Why is an Electric Razor Better for Shaving the Head?

Shaving the head is tricky in itself. So, if you slightly misalign the manual razor, you can easily cut your skin. Not all manual razors come with a secure head hinge that allows better skin contact for safer shaves. So, you might end up irritating the skin or pulling the hair too hard. This is where an electric shaver comes in handy.

Electric shavers designed for shaving the beard can be used on the scalp as well. But if you are ready to spend a little extra for grooming your head, there are sophisticated head-shaving electric shavers in the market. These shavers all come with a trimmer attachment that lets you cut your hair length short enough for the shaving head to clear.

One of the major perks of using electric razors is that they come without exposed blades. So, electric shavers are safe to use when you are targeting the hard-to-reach spots on your head.

There are shavers with continuous shaving intensity adjustment features. These automatically reduce the motor speed when the hair density is less. For those areas on your head that you cannot see in the mirror, even if you pass the shaver multiple times on a spot that is already shaved, there is less chance of the blades irritating the sensitive skin.

Which One Should You Choose?

If safety is your primary concern, then an electric razor is your best bet. If getting the cleanest and closest shave is your goal, then a manual razor has a slight competitive advantage. But there are many electric shavers for the closest shave that do a great job of providing smooth shaves even when you have a sensitive scalp.

Weighing all the benefits offered, you might find the electric shavers to be more reliable choices as long-term options for grooming your head.

Make sure that you choose a lightweight electric shaver with good battery life if you want to use it on your head It should also have a non-slip ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold when you are finding it hard to shave the rear portion of the head. Inspect your shaver blades and make sure that you are only working with clean and sharp shaving heads if you need a discomfort-free shaving experience.

So, is it better to shave your head with a razor or electric shaver? If you do not already own a comfortable electric shaver and if you only plan to experiment with a bald look one time, then a manual razor might be an affordable solution.

However, if you are looking to consistently maintain a smooth bald appearance, then there are plenty of affordable electric shavers you can choose from. These provide the safest and most convenient shaving experience for all those areas on your head that are hard to tackle.