How to Trim Moustache with an Electric Shaver

How to Trim Moustache with an Electric Shaver

The moustache has been around for centuries. Men have grown, trimmed, and groomed their mustache with various tools throughout history. One of the most popular is the electric shaver.

Nowadays, lots of men grow and trim their mustaches because it adds to their personal look and style. If you want to know how to trim your moustache with an electric shaver, this article will help you get started.

It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any skill or knowledge on how to use it effectively. Here are we provide a brief guide and tips for trimming your mustache with an electric shaver.

Tips and Techniques to Trim Moustache with an Electric Shaver

It may sound like a no-brainer, but an electric shaver is the best tool to have when you are trying to shave your mustache. Here are the general tips to use an electric shaver to trim your mustache:-

1) Choose a High-Quality Razor that will not Pull Hair While Cutting It

This can be done by using a rotary blade or foil blades depending on preference. The rotary blade may feel more gentle when used because it cuts hair at an angle instead of perpendicular like other models do, but there are also downsides such as getting stuck in thick facial hair. Foil blades, on the other hand, are more high-end and can cut hair more consistently. It’s up to personal preference.

2) Prepare a Sink of Hot Water While You Use Your Electric Shaver

When shaving with an electric shaver, having warm water on your face is a must for making it easier to get rid of hair. This step ensures that the hair will stand up and make it easier to cut it using your electric shaver.

3) Use Fabric Towel Instead of Regular Paper Towels to Dampen Hair

Regular paper towels may not be sufficient enough to dampen hair, but fabric towels can do the trick. This is highly recommended to achieve the best results for trimming your mustache.

4) Prep Your Electric Shaver by Running It For 30 Seconds to 1 Minute

Preparing your shaver will make it easier to cut because of less resistance or pulling on the hairs. This is particularly important when you’ve used fabric towels (see step 3) because it will help shorten the time you spent wetting the hair.

5) Start Cutting Your Hair Using a Comb or Trimming Guide

Using a comb with your electric shaver is one way to ensure accuracy when cutting your mustache, but some users may not be comfortable enough with it. If this is the case for you, then using an electric razor’s trimming guide is the better option. However, you should always take caution when using this option to avoid injury.

6) Move the Razor in a 45-Degree Angle Against Your Skin

Moving your electric shaver against your skin at an angle of 45 degrees ensures that you won’t accidentally cut yourself. But remember to use gentle strokes while cutting in order to avoid irritation.

7) Rinse Your Electric Shaver After Every Stroke

Rinsing your shaver in between strokes will help get rid of the hair you just trimmed. It removes debris yet keeps your electric shaver lubricated so that it won’t wear out easily when used again.

8) Repeat Steps 5-7 until Your Moustache is Trimmed to Your Liking

Once you’ve got your preferred length, then simply repeat the same process until your mustache is the way you want it.

9) Apply a Moisturizer on Your Skin After You Shave

Remember that shaving can cause skin dehydration and irritation, so make sure to apply a moisturizer on your face to keep it healthy.

Other Tips for Keeping Your Moustache Trimmed and Neat

There are several other things you can do besides simply using an electric shaver in order to get the best results when trimming your moustache. This section lists down some of these things, so read on to learn more.

1) Make sure to get rid of all your facial hair before trimming your mustache

Trimming your moustache while there is still hair on other parts of the face will only give you uneven results. You may find that some areas are shorter than others, making them look unkempt. This is the reason why you should always trim all your facial hair such as on your neck and beard, so that you can achieve a uniform look.

2) You can also use a trimmer for outlining your moustache

Many people have trouble with shaving, so using a trimmer may be better especially if you want to achieve a well-defined moustache.

3) Make sure to choose the right length of your moustache

Many people think that it’s okay to have a long moustache, but this doesn’t necessarily improve the way your look all the time. There are many styles for mustaches so it depends on what you want to achieve before using an electric shaver.

Conclusion & Final Thought

Trimming your mustache with an electric shaver is a great way to maintain its shape. It’s not as complicated as you may think; all you need is time and patience! Read more about how to trim your mustache in this article.

You can also find some useful tips on the best electric shaver for men on this website which is best for your personal use. We have covered all the details you need to maintain your edgy mustache. Hope you find this article helpful! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share some love with a comment if it helped you somehow.