How to Shave Your Head with Electric Razor

Shave Your Head with Electric Razor

Shaving the head might appear like a drastic step for some. However, when the cuts are clean, and when the shaving performance is consistent, you can deep clean your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Using a manual razor might seem like the most affordable way to shave your head.

Even while using a razor on the cheeks and visible portion of the neck, it is hard to finish the job without tiny nicks and cuts. So, when it comes to shaving the whole head all by yourself, an electric razor would be your best bet. Anyone can shave their head. But the key is to know how to shave your head with an electric razor without razor bumps.

Why Should You Use an Electric Razor to Shave Your Head?

  • When the area to be covered is large, like the head, the efficient motor of the electric razors offer a competitive advantage
  • The skin on your scalp is sensitive and so the safety that electric razors offer can be a huge plus
  • Electric razors help you shave consistently avoiding the risks of ingrown hair and a bumpy finish

Choose the Best Electric Shaver for Your Head

The right tool can radically alter your shaving experience. There are some shavers designed exclusively for shaving the head and they come with more responsive motor designs and a durable blade that cuts through all hair lengths effortlessly.

Several of these are offered as compact configurations that easily fit in the palm. With this, handling the shaver once you reach the back of your head feels so much easier. These are provided with foils or shaving discs that are gentle against the sensitive scalp.

There are sharp and precise blades on these so that every single cut delivered is accurate and smooth. Cleaner cuts result in healthy regrowth of the hair on your head.

The powerful motors on these shavers make it possible to shave your head without having to move the tool over the same area multiple times. Fewer strokes mean less chance of scalp irritation and dryness and less time to complete the job.

Once you have a good electric shaver for the black bald head, here is how you obtain the best results when you try shaving your head with an electric razor-

Clip Trim or Chop off that Extra Length

One of the most crucial things to do when you decide to shave your head with an electric razor would be to prevent the razor from yanking your hair. Reduce the length of your hair before you begin shaving in order to eliminate any amount of discomfort.

  • Using a hair clipper, if you have one, would be the most efficient way to cut your hair and reduce the length. You can use the respective comb size to reduce the length in steps and then clip without the comb attachment to obtain the shortest stubble.
  • If you do not own a hair clipper, you can use your regular scissors to quickly shorten the hair. Start with the upper part of your head which is easily visible in the mirror. When you approach the sides of your head, cup your ears and gradually reduce the length. Cutting hair at the back would be the toughest especially when you are doing it by yourself for the first time. Instead of cutting too close to your fingers, focus on reducing the length just enough so that your trimmer can do its job. It is alright if your hair is cut unevenly at the back.
  • You can use a trimmer, if you have one, in order to create the shortest stubble possible. Most of the shavers designed for the head also come with handy trimmer attachments. These can be used to trim off the hair and leave a smooth stubble behind.

The Foundation for a Good Head Shave Routine

Once you have got the stubble ready, the next step would be to prep your hair for the most comfortable shave. Preparation involves opening up the pores and softening the hair strands.

Wet the hair and cleanse it with a gentle shampoo that doesn’t dry out the scalp too much. Wrap your hair in a towel dipped in warm water, if required, to speed up the process and to open the pores for a smoother shave.

Best Way to Shave Head with Electric Razor for Cleanest Shave

Like trimming the hair, start at the top and use gentle strokes with your electric razor. Use linear strokes with a foil shaver or circular strokes if you have a rotary shaver. Foil shavers with staggered head design and rotary shavers with fewer shaving elements feel the most convenient when it comes to shaving behind the ears.

Tackle the back of your head as the last part of your shaving routine. Firmer and fewer strokes would improve the consistency of your shave. Feel the scalp to identify rough areas and clear any spots that you might have missed. Forget about going towards or against the grain when you are shaving the head and work on making the whole process as slowly as you can.

How to Shave Your Head that Smooth Finishing Touch

  • Wash your head with cold water to close the pores and instantly soothe any inflammation or irritation on the scalp
  • Tending to any possible cuts should be given a great priority especially in the scalp. Though most electric razors do not cause major cuts, you should be cautious about micro-cuts. Never use a shaver with blunt blades. Sharper the blades, the lower the chances of skin abrasions and tugging of the hair.
  • Use a gentle aftershave cream to soothe irritated skin. Go for an alcohol-free variant in order to prevent the scalp from becoming dry and patchy.

Knowing how to shave your head with an electric razor can come in handy when you decide to go for a manly bald look. Once you shave your head, maintaining the bald look for a long time becomes easy. Shaving stubble to keep up the smoothness takes very little time and effort.