How to Shave Your Face as a Woman (Pros and Cons)

How to Shave Your Face as a Woman

The question of whether a woman should shave her face has been around for a long. Many discussions have also centered around how to shave your face as a woman. It’s important to note that shaving the face has its pros and cons.

Since a man naturally has a lot of facial hair, he is obliged to shave off some of it. But many women sometimes do this too even though they don’t have as much hair. To easily and flawlessly shave your facial here, we have provided some how-to instructions in this article.

Why do Women Shave their Faces?

Yes, it seems absurd at first but women have their reasons for shaving their faces. It’s often not just to copy their masculine counterparts in the shaving game, they’re really trying to get the hair off.

Women shave to remove two kinds of hair from their faces.

1. The Vellus Hair

The vellus hair is found in most of your face and is nearly invisible except when you look close. This hair is functional in regulating sweating. Some women shave to remove this hair.

2. The Terminal Hair

This is another type of hair that women shave off their faces. The terminal hair is found along with the terminals- on your chin, lip areas, neck, and so on.

Pros and Cons of Shaving Your Face as a Woman

Since many famous women in history have shaved their faces and looked good after, there are definitely benefits to doing it. At the same time, however, there are cons attached. To avoid the pitfalls and keep your face looking great, let’s consider both the pros and cons.

Pros (Benefits to Shave Your Face)

  1. Better Facial Makeup

Your makeup will stay longer and adorn your face better when you shave your facial hair. This is because your face will provide a smooth platform for makeup materials. If you’re planning to shave your face as a woman, this can be one of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

  1. Eliminate Insecurities

Some women are insecure about their facial hairs. In fact, sometimes, women are seen with mustaches and chin hair that don’t exactly keep on par with their feminine natures.

You can shave to eliminate this kind of insecurity and more. If the terminal or vellus hairs bother you or they’re too much, you may feel a lot better after they’re shaved.

  1. Softer, Brighter Skin

Many women also shave off facial hair to achieve softer and brighter skin. How does shaving give you this benefit? Simple. When you shave, you also remove the dead skin cells on your face and so get your skin to look brilliant and feel soft.

  1. Accelerated Skin Treatments

Shaving your facial hair as a woman will open up the pores of your skin. This way, skin treatments, creams, and oils will be able to penetrate deeper into your skin and make treatments faster. If you’ve been trying to treat acne or so, this may help you get the job done more quickly.

Cons (Disadvantages to Shave Your Face)

  1. Aggravation of Skin Problems

Skin issues can get worse when you shave off your facial hair. The vellus and terminal hairs are there for a reason. That is to protect you and regulate your sweating.

Deciding to shave them all off may open you up to contracting skin infections more easily. Existing skin problems may also get aggravated when you shave the hairs off your face.

  1. Increased Irritation for Sensitive Skin

If you particularly have sensitive skin, it is not advisable to shave your facial hair. Shaving may increase the irritation that you feel and make you extremely uncomfortable.

  1. Exposure of Skin

You may also be unduly exposing your skin to infections when you shave the hairs off. Diseases like folliculitis come to mind in driving home how dangerous it can be to shave off facial hair.

  1. Ingrown Hair Problems

Ingrown hairs can also happen on the face. This problem can give you rather unsightly and unhealthy skin.

  1. The 5 O’clock Shadow

Consistent shaving of your facial hair can give you the 5 o’clock shadow. While many men desire to have this and look cool in it, it’s not for women. If you don’t want to get the 5 O’clock shadow, you may have to rethink your shaving plans.

How to Shave Your Face as a Woman: Step by Step Guide

Shaving your face as a woman comes with pros and cons, but once you’re settled on the details, the decision is still up to you.

Know that shaving in women is entirely different from how it’s done in men. To achieve perfect shaves without any complications, here’s a simple guide that you can follow.

  • First, cleanse your face thoroughly. Before you begin to shave, it’s advisable to wipe it with a clean piece of cloth soaked in warm, mild, soapy water. This will moisten your skin and remove dirt and germs from your face before you begin shaving.
  • Hold a mirror in your hand so that you can see your face as you shave it. If the mirror is hung on the wall, it’s even better because you’ll be able to use your free hand for other things.
  • Pull your skin taut to see your hairs. This will help you avoid nicks while shaving. Using the best electric razor for women, begin to shave. Make sure you use the razor along the direction that your hair grows in.
  • When you have finished shaving, rinse your face again with warm water.
  • Moisturize your skin to prevent after-shave issues and drying out.
  • Keep a close eye on yourself to ensure that your just shaved skin is fine and dandy. Once you’ve made sure of that, you can get to enjoy the benefits of shaving your facial hair.

Necessary Precautions to Take While Shaving

To achieve the perfect shaving, take note of certain tips to help you keep things in control.

Consider your skin type before going ahead to shave your facial hair: Some skins are extremely sensitive and shaving the hair will only expose them to infections and problems. You want to avoid that by all means. If your skin gets reddened quickly, you should keep your face away from razors.

It’s important to use razors that are specialized for shaving facial hairs: Buy products that are specifically for this purpose and endeavor to keep one razor dedicated to your face only.

Never use a blunt razor on your face: A blunt razor will raise the chances of getting nicks and cuts while shaving. Go with very sharp ones instead.

Never shave against the hair’s grain: That will cause your hair to cut at the tip and lead to ingrown hairs. Follow the direction that your hair grows in.

It is advisable to rinse your razor after every stroke: You’ll come up with a brand new razor for every stroke this way.

Remember to moisturize your face as soon as you’re done shaving: Use natural oils for best results.

How Quickly Does Facial Hair Grow Back?

This depends on your body. On average, facial hair does not need to be shaved until two to three weeks after the last shave. But it may not take this long for yours to grow back.

Shave Safe!

If you have decided to eliminate your facial hair, then make sure you’re going to do it well. Shave safely by following the instructions and never start until you have got everything you need to make the shaving easier.

From sharp blades to moisturizers and disinfectants, you can’t ignore any of the needed materials. But once you’ve got those, you’re good to go.