How to Shave with Rotary Electric Razor (Step by Step Guide)

The concept of the electric shaver is not new in the market, it was invented in 1915, but in today’s world, it has become so popular that it has become a part of our life.

If you have just bought an electric shaver, then you must be thinking about its use. But you do not have to worry about it because in this post we will explain to you step by step guide on how to shave with Rotary Electric Razor.

Today several brands offer rotary shavers with features that personalize the shaving experience for every skin type. Philips was the first brand to introduce and popularize the concept of rotary shavers. Rotary shavers are some of the quietest in operation and there are several other perks to using them.

How to Shave with Rotary Electric Razor

How Does Rotary Shaver Work?

Irrespective of the brand of rotary shaver you choose you should know that the basic concept of rotary electric shaver remains the same. There is a combination of 2 or more cutting elements, 3 being the most commonly found combination.

The 3 rotary blades are arranged in a triangular fashion and there is a stationary guard that holds the hair strands while the blades cut through them.

What are Rotary Shavers For?

Though these can be used for any kind of clean shave routine rotary shavers are particularly useful if you have rough and dense hair growth. These shavers are also quite effective when it comes to handling irregular hair growth and for the long beard growth that sometimes feels tricky to handle with a manual razor.

How to Shave with Rotary Shaver – Detailed Guide & Advice

The key is to know how to shave with a rotary shaver to get the cleanest shave effortlessly, read this step by step guide where we described 5 different steps to use with an electric razor and get a smooth shave.

  1. Preparing the Skin

One crucial step that most people do not talk about is to use a nice exfoliation method to prepare the skin before using a rotary shaver. When the hair feels oily and limp, the efficiency of the shaver comes down a little.

Steam can be the best way to open your pores and make shaving with rotary shavers an easy task. Whether you own a dry rotary shaver or a wet shaver, letting the steam build in the shower for a while and standing for a few minutes would help reduce irritation while shaving.

Use a lightweight shaving cream that doesn’t form a dense lather. Letting the shaving cream sit on your skin for some time can be the best way to loosen the hair and provide better shaving results.

  1. Preparing the Electric Shaver

Pick rotary shavers that preferably come with self-sharpening blades or at least the ones that carry durable blades. The sharpness of the blades is imperative in determining the quality of the shave.

Ensure that your blades are cleaned thoroughly before using the rotary shaver to ensure that they are working in their best condition.

  1. The Right Way to Move Your Rotary Electric Shaver

Only when you move the shaver right would you be able to enjoy all the rotary shaver advantages. The blades all rotate in such a way that they work together in cutting the hair as close to the skin as possible.

While you use straight strokes in a foil electric shaver, with a rotary shaver you should use circular movements.

You can interchange between clockwise and anticlockwise movements based on your comfort. Target on reducing the length of the beard, to begin with, and then you can alter the movement of the shaver going in circles or using straight strokes as required.

Moving along the grain or against the grain will not be a problem to worry about when you are using rotary shavers.

With the rotary blades, hair growing in all directions can be trimmed without any difficulty. This is one main reason why rotary shavers make more sense as convenient choices for beginners who do not know how to still handle the electric shavers the best way to attain a clean shave.

So, you can move the shaver upwards, downwards, or even towards the sides to obtain as clean a shave as you require.

  1. Work on that Pressure

One huge benefit of the rotary shaver design is that with most of them each blade moves in different directions to deliver the best contour-conforming profile.

With this, you would be able to shave on the flat portion of the cheeks, narrow jawlines, tight area below the lips, and also on the sensitive skin on the neck.

Remember not to exert too much pressure while using a rotary shaver. With the blades all being very sharp and specially designed to cut close, you do not want to risk acquiring micro-cuts.

The pressure-sensitive design of rotary shavers can take care of delivering optimal contact for better cuts depending on your facial contours. Glide the shaver across the area to be shaved. Several circular motions might be required in the case of the rotary shaver and going over the same area multiple times can give better results than exerting pressure and hurting your skin.

  1. Rinsing the Shaver Blades

Rinsing your blades a few times during your shave would help keep the blades rotating efficiently and delivering accurate cuts. This is applicable only when you are using your rotary shaver for a wet shave. You cannot use the dry shaver when the blades are wet.

If you are dry shaving with a rotary shaver then use the cleaning brush that comes in the package to expel hair trapped in the blades. Pop the shaving head open and clear the blades thoroughly before you store your shaver after use.

If your shaver has a washable design or if the blades are washable, then thoroughly rinse and air dries them after your shave. Proper shaver maintenance is critical in maintaining the life of a rotary shaver.

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Are Rotary Shavers Good For Sensitive Skin?

Using electric shaver on sensitive skin itself is a disputed topic. One simple way to avoid irritation of sensitive skin would be to use shaving creams.

So, if you are someone with sensitive skin and if you are planning to buy a rotary shaver pick one that comes with a wet shaving feature and also invest in a good quality shaving cream with natural ingredients for sensitive skin.

Conclusion & Final Words

From the blade material to the presence of lubricating rings or guards, you can consider various factors to choose the best rotary shaver out there. Once your skin gets adjusted to electric shavers and once you learn how to shave with a rotary shaver, you would find it easy to obtain a consistently smooth shave every time.