How to Shave Your Face Properly with an Electric Razor (Complete Guide)

How to Shave Your Face Properly with an Electric Razor

The face is a very delicate part of the body, and the potential for irritation when shaving it is quite high. It is especially so if you are a new user and you want to shave your face properly with an electric shaver.

An electric shaver is very useful for a quick shave and if you aren’t one for elaborate preparations. Still, shaving your face and doing it successfully requires three keys:-

  • Useful knowledge on how to pick your shavers.
  • The little but key preparation your face needs to go through
  • How to Shave Your Face Properly with an Electric Razor

Let’s dive right in.

Taking Your Pick of Shavers – How to Pick the Best Face Shaver

When it comes to shavers, you can either pick a dry shaver or a wet/dry one. Both a dry shaver and one that is capable of shaving both wet and dry have their merits and demerits. Though a dry shaver can cause irritation especially on sensitive skin, so it is something to note.

Another thing to note is the type of shaving head your electric shaver has. Basically, there are two options; either a rotary head or a foil head shaver. A foil head shaver has blades that move back and forth, so you have to follow the appropriate motion when shaving.

The suitable motion for a foil shaver would be either left to right or up to down. This also means that foil head shavers don’t do so well with following facial contours, but they do well with shaving the cheeks.

A rotary head shaver has razors that spin in a circular motion. Unlike a foil head shaver, a rotary head shaver can follow facial contours well. This is because of the circular blades that can move 360° and also move inwards to allow for a closer shave.

Facial Preparation for Best Shaving Results

This is always best to do if you want to avoid skin irritation. Of course, you can always shave dry if you are in a hurry. The major point is that your hair has to be short, as long hair will only give you an uncomfortable dry shave.

This is because there would be a lot of hair-pulling, instead of shaving. We recommend that you get a shaver with an inbuilt trimmer, as this would allow you to trim your hairs to a stubble level and allow you to shave without any problems.

But if you are interested in a closer shave, facial preparation is key. The major way to prepare your face facially is to wash your face. That’s right. Very simple, but very important. Obviously, washing your face cleans it. But then again, it does far more than just clean it.

The simple principle of washing your face is the key to avoiding irritation after shaving. Washing your face helps open the skin pores on your face and clear away grime, dust, oil, and other facial impurities. To do this best, you must wash your face thoroughly with warm water.

Doing this will help freshen up your face and also soften your hair. If you want to have a dry shave, you probably don’t need to wash, but be aware of acne. A wet shave of a washed face will give great results, especially in conjunction with a rotary head wet/dry shaver.

Tips on Shaving Your Face Properly with an Electric Shaver

The following are tips that would improve your facial shaving experience;

  • Find the right angle.
  • Go against the grain.
  • Use the right shaving motion.
  • Shave and pull.
  • Shave the sensitive areas first.

1. Find the Right Angle

When using electric shavers, the angle with which you shave is extremely important. This is because the angle is what determines the level of contact with your skin, and hence the accuracy of the results you get.

With electric shavers, it’s often best to go with the right angle of shaving, as it gives the best angle of contact with your skin.

2. Go Against the Grain

Ordinarily, shaving manually with razors demands you go along with the grain for the best results. But the ball game is entirely different with electric razors.

You have to go against the grain for the best results. In shaving terms, the grain means the direction your facial hair is pointing to. Hence, going against the grain would mean shaving against the direction in which your hair is pointing.

This direction can be determined by running your palm over your face to determine if it’s rough or smooth. Rough would mean against the grain, and smooth would mean with the grain.

3. Use the Right Shaving Motion

Depending on the type of shaving head your electric shaver has, you must follow the prescribed shaving motion for the best results. This is so you can prevent irritation and injury.

For a foil shaver, the shaving motion to go with is either left to right or up and down. For a rotary head shaver on the other hand, it is prescribed you go with small circular motions.

4. Shave and Pull

When shaving with an electric shaver, you have to shave with your dominant hand and pull with the other. This is to ensure you get your hairs standing out properly.

When you pull, you ensure the shaver will get your hairs properly and not just pull them.

5. Shave the Sensitive Areas First

Shaving the sensitive areas first is a good idea, as most electric shavers tend to get hot after some minutes of use. Shaving the sensitive areas of your skin first, areas like the neck, etc, will reduce the possibility of irritation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now read our most interesting part of this article i.e. frequently asked questions where we give you an accurate and quick answer to the related question, at the same time you will get the best guide to shave with an electric razor whether you are first time shaver or an old shaver.

Q. Can I Use a Pre-Shave Lotion in Addition to Washing My Face?

Ans. Yes. There’s certainly nothing like too much facial cleansing, and using a pre-shave lotion will further remove facial impurities and reduce the chances of acne.

Pre-shave lotions also have several minerals that will be invaluable for your face.

Q. Is there an Electric Shaver that Shaves as Close as a Blade?

Ans. Yes. Panasonic makes the best shavers in this regard, and their shavers outperform all other shavers from other makers if you’re concerned about a close shave.

Q. Can You Cut Yourself with an Electric Shaver?

Of course, this is possible. It would mainly be due to following the wrong shaving motion based on the type of head your blades have. For a rotary shaver, it is best to go with small, circular motions, while it is best to go up and down or back and forth with a foil shaver.

Q. Is it Better to Shave Wet/Dry with an Electric Razor?

This depends mainly on your preference. If you are after a quick shave, then a dry shave is probably your best bet. Though it is worth it to reiterate that you should trim your hairs for a dry shave to prevent pulling and a generally uncomfortable shave.

For a close shave, a wet shave is your best bet. This is especially true if you use shaving cream.

In Conclusion & Final Words

Shaving your face with an electric shaver can be a very simple job or it could be a painful and irritating one. It all depends on how much you know about the process. This is why we have written this article to guide you and help you improve your electric shaving experience.