How to Sharpen Electric Shaver Blades

How to Sharpen Electric Shaver Blades

Not all electric shavers are expensive but it is the cost of maintenance that comes later that many people dread about. After all, when you have to spend almost half the budget you set aside for an electric shaver simply to replace the shaver blade alone, it is not a choice that everyone would be willing to make. And that too when replacements are essential every year or every two years, electric shavers might appear like an expensive affair to some.

How to sharpen electric razor blades? To begin with, when you shop for electric shavers stick with credible brands so that you are not stuck with the problem of not finding suitable replacement blades later on. And then you can sharpen your blades when they start becoming dull so that you can extend their life a little longer.

Remember that sharpening electric shaver blades only helps you postpone the shaving head replacement a little and you still would have to buy new blades at some point. The blades being cut to perfection carry narrow precision edges that do not take multiple sharpening processes.

Signs that Your Rotary Shaver Blades are Dull

As a general rule, most manufacturers recommend blade replacement once a year or once in two years depending on the material of the blade and the blade design. But here are a few signs to look out for so that you can understand whether your blades have become dull sooner than expected.

This could happen particularly in people with coarse hair and also when you use thick mineral-based shaving creams and other products that can cause the blade sharpness to wear off too soon.

  • Your shaver that had always given a close shave suddenly seems to be failing there. This is when you find yourself spending some extra time in shaving or trying to cover the same area several times.
  • You start noticing redness and skin irritation that comes from the shaver blades pulling your hair while shaving instead of precisely cutting them.
  • You start noticing patchy results in the tricky spots like the neck and jawline

How to Sharpen Electric Shaver Blades?

If you own a foil shaver then you might be replacing the blades less frequently than most rotary shavers, and sharpening foil shavers is not an option.

The foil on the foil shaver might be thinner than the guard or screen on the rotary shaver and so replacing the whole shaving cassette might be essential. So, the following methods of sharpening would be useful if you own a rotary shaver. With a foil shaver, adherence to meticulous cleaning routines is the best thing to do.

Here is how you can sharpen a rotary shaver’s blades in a few simple steps and get a few more shaves out of it before you toss it for good. Remember that you can only follow this method when you have a wet and dry electric shaver or a shaver whose blades are fully washable. You do not want to risk corroding the blade if it is not suitable to be rinsed.

Take the Blades Out

Remove the shaving head and dismantle the cutting element. Refer to the product manual if you do not know how to do this. Separate the blade from the screen.

Use a shaver cleaning brush to remove fine hair and dust on the screen and the blades. It is important to dust the blades before you rinse them.

Clean the Blades

Rinse the blades under running water to ensure that there is no residue of shaving cream or hair left. This step of deep cleaning is essential after every shave but you should also thoroughly clean once before sharpening the blades.

Washing in warm water can also be helpful. Once your blades are all clean and ready to be sharpened you can follow one of the following 3 methods –

  1. Sharpening Using Metal Polish and Mirror

  • Use a good quality metal polishing paste for sharpening using a mirror. While most people might do this without the polish, using it simply adds to the effectiveness of the sharpening process.
  • Dab a little metal polish on a flat mirror. Remember that you will be left with some scuff marks on the surface of the mirror. So, pick an old one that you do not mind throwing away.
  • Place one blade on the polish and then swirl it around a few times till you notice the color of the polish slowly change.
  • Wipe off the excess polish and then dab a fresh dollop for the next blade and repeat the process till all the blades in your shaver are polished.
  • Rinse the blades in warm water till you are sure that there is not even the tiniest residue of the polish left.
  • Allow the blades to dry. Pop the blades back in place once you have thoroughly cleaned the screen and let it dry as well.
  1. Sharpening Using Toothpaste

  • If you do not have a metal polish another little trick is to use toothpaste.
  • Once you have taken apart the blades and cleaned them, put them back in the shaving head before you polish them with toothpaste.
  • Take a small amount of toothpaste in the palm of your hand.
  • Turn the shaver on and place the shaver on the toothpaste in your palm. Work in circular motions for a few seconds till you are sure that the toothpaste has nicely coated all the blades in the setup.
  • You might notice your blades getting slightly warm and this would be the right time to stop.
  • Once you rinse your blades and let them dry, they are sharper than before and ready to use.
  1. Sharpening Using Sharpening Heads

  • The easiest and also the most effective way to sharpen a rotary shaver’s blades is to use a sharpening head.
  • Pick the compatible sharpening head for your shaver.
  • Once you have dismantled and cleaned the shaver blades, use the sharpening head in place of the screen that is used in the shaver while shaving.
  • Place the blades back in place, this time on the sharpening head instead of the screen.
  • Assemble the shaver head and turn the shaver on. Let the shaver blades rotate against the sharpening head for around 10 seconds.
  • Take the sharpening head out and dust the blades, clean them and place them back in the shaving screen and your shaver is ready to use, with sharper blades this time.

As you can see, a few simple steps are all it takes to restore your shaver blades to their original condition ready for use. Now that you know how to sharpen electric shaver blades you can easily use it for a little longer before you spend on replacement blades.