How to Prevent Acne after Shaving with Electric Razor: Causes & Solution

How to Prevent Acne after Shaving with Electric Razor

Acne is one of the most annoying facial issues to face. One day, your face is just fine, the next, you’re having to deal with all sorts of bumps. This can happen after shaving also and can pose problems for you if you do not know how to deal with it.

How to Prevent Acne After Shaving with Electric Razor? Dealing with acne, especially as a matter of shaving with electric razors, is dependent upon knowing what to do to prevent acne occurrence on your face. The two main factors; your face and the electric razor must be very well taken care of, and this article will explain why, and how.

What Causes Acne after Shaving?

To know what causes acne after shaving, we must understand what caused acne in the first place. If you really want to avoid pimples after shaving then you have to understand that acne is a type of skin eruption that occurs when oil, grime and other impurities resident on the skin get underneath it.

These foreign bodies then block the skin pores, making it impossible for harmful oils to leave the skin. They also affect sweat release from the skin pores. All these are what come together to cause a skin eruption/breakout.

Either before or after shaving, it is important to understand that acne can be very difficult to deal with. This is because it can cause painful blisters and spread rapidly when pus is pressed out of the bumps.

It can also cause disfiguration of the face, as acne treated improperly will leave scars that will later turn to black spots.

The relationship between acne and shaving with an electric razor is based on three things:-

  • Skin type
  • Bad shaver maintenance
  • Shave type

These three factors are explained further below.

1. Skin Type

The natural skin type of a person can play a huge role in whether or not a person will deal with acne and to what degree. A person with a lot of oil on different parts of their face has oily skin.

A person with oil only in and around the T zone has combination skin, and a person with little or no oil on different parts of their faces has dry skin.

Of all three, a person with oily skin might have the most issues with acne. This is because such a person has the most potential of oil being locked underneath the skin and blocking the pores to cause acne.

On the other hand, a person with dry skin could also get dead skin cells blocking the pores, causing acne.

2. Bad Shaver Maintenance

What causes acne more or less is dirt in the wrong place. Using a dirty or impure shaver complicates this. This is because the shaver will have all sorts of impurities on it that have the chance to get underneath the skin and cause problems.

This is especially true for wet/dry shavers that were last used with shaving cream as wet shavers. The refusal to clean these shavers properly before the next use can spell trouble for your face, acne style.

3. Shave Type

The type of shave you had can also be a cause for an acne breakout. A dry shave has more potential to cause an acne breakout than a wet shave. This is especially true where the skin is a really sensitive one.

However, a wet shave could also give you the same problems with acne. This is true for situations where your shave cream is too oily and you also have an oily face. Too much oil on your face can cause an acne breakout, as some of it is bound to get underneath your skin and cause some issues.

How to Prevent Acne After Shaving Face with Electric Razor

Prevention, the popular adage says, is better than a cure. To prevent acne after shaving your face with an electric razor, use the following tips:-

  • Facial Preparation
  • Using a clean, sharp blade
  • Avoiding shaving against the grain

Facial Preparation

Preparation is the mother of success. This also applies to shaving your face with an electric razor. The preparation of your face is almost, if not as important as aftershave care.

Luckily, preparation for your face is as simple as washing it with a bar of mild soap and warm water. You can also use an exfoliator if you have oily skin. It would help you remove impurities that block your pores and cause breakouts.

Doing this gives you a much better chance of preventing acne when you shave with an electric razor.

Using a Clean, Sharp Blade

Hygiene is critical to maintaining an acne-free face. Using clean blades instead of blades that are dull and dirty has long term effects on the health of your face. Maintaining a clean electric razor is very important to this.

An electric razor that allows you to switch-blades is invaluable in this respect. You won’t have to use a particular set of blades for too long before it is changed. You can also choose to always disinfect your electric razor, either manually or by buying a cleaning dock.

Avoiding Shaving Against the Grain

The usual advice for using an electric razor is to shave against the grain, and this is ordinarily very good advice. But if you have oily skin or you have very sensitive skin, then you shouldn’t take this advice.

This is because when you shave against the grain, you have a higher chance of developing acne. It is very tempting to shave against the grain for the sake of the manly feel of smoothness it gives. But preventing acne is a viable reason why you shouldn’t.

Even if you have dry skin, such that skin oils won’t cause acne, we still advise that you do not shave against the grain. The reason is that it can lead to abrasions on your epidermis, which in turn would lead to acne.

In Conclusion & Final Thought

Preventing acne from becoming a mainstay on your face after shaving has to be a deliberate process. This process is one that should heavily include good hygiene, both for your face and your razor.

Pay attention to your face, and the oils on it, and you’d be another step closer to ensuring that acne wouldn’t break out on your skin.