How to Clean Electric Shaver: Step by Step Guide

How to Clean Electric Shaver

Electric Shaver is one of the most popular and demanded products all around the world. Electric Razor is not only for shaving purposes, but rather it has also some other benefits as well such as Electric Shaver can be used as a Skin Care Appliance, but Electric shaver can also be used as Massager too.

If we talk about Electric Shaver, then Electric Shavers contains a lot of sensitive parts such as Electric Blades, Electric Coils, etc and Electric Shavers also require proper cleaning as well for a better and healthy life.

So now the question is how to clean Electric Shaver? How to Clean Electric Shaver with Solution? How To Clean Electric Foil Shaver Electric Rotary Shaver Electric Sharper? Well, to answer all these questions we are going to share with you a step-by-step guide on Electric Shaver Cleaning which will teach you to clean these shavers by yourself at home.

Step by Step Guide to Clean Electric Shaver

If you have an electric razor, you should clean it after every use to keep the device in good shape and extend its service life with a proper cleaning solution, let’s look at the step by step guide to clean your electric shaver:-

Step 1. Wash the Electric Shaver’s Head

If cleaning an electric shaver with a lubricant, begin by removing it to allow proper cleaning. First, unplug the Electric Shaver or remove the Electric shaver’s head. Then turn on tap water and wash the Electric Shaver’s head under warm running water for 5-6 minutes.

An electric shaver will not be functional after water exposure for more than 15 minutes, so check Electric Shaver’s instructions to determine how long it must remain unplugged after water exposure. Electric shavers that run on rechargeable batteries should be placed in the Electric shaver’s stand or plugged into an outlet.

Step 2. Remove Electric Shaver’s Head

After Electric Shaver is thoroughly wet, remove the Electric shaver’s head from Electric Shaver. Electric shavers vary on how the Electric shaver’s head comes off. Electric Shaver may be held in place with a locking mechanism or tabs. If there is a tab, simply flip it up and slide the Electric Shaver’s head off.

The electric shaver also has a small, circular protuberance that locks Electric Shaver’s head into place. To remove Electric Shaver’s Head, rotate Electric Shaver counter-clockwise until Electric Shaver becomes unlocked and slide Electric Shaver’s head off to the side of Electric Shaver. Once removed, turn the Electric shaver’s head upside down to allow proper water drainage.

Step 3. Clean Electric Shaver with Electric Shaver Cleaning Solution

Fill Electric Shaver Cleaner tank with Electric shaver cleaning solution. Electric Shave Cleaner is a little black container within the Electric shaver itself. Electric Shave Cleaner is usually located within Electric Shaver’s head.

Electric Shave Cleaner usually has a black or blue cap to indicate Electric Shaver cleaner is present and ready for use. Fill the Electric shaver cleaning solution tank with Electric Shaver cleaning solution, then place Electric Shaver back into the Electric shaver stand and allow it to soak for 10 minutes.

Bonus Cleaning Tips to Maintain Your Electric Shaver

How to Clean Electric Shaver

  • Electric Shavers are often delicate devices, so avoid rubbing the shaver harshly against any rough surfaces or cloths.
  • Unplug Electric Razor before starting to clean it by removing the battery or rechargeable cell if any present in your Electric Shaver.
  • Electric Shavers are usually water-resistant, but it is recommended to dry the machine thoroughly after washing with water. If you only have access to a hose, then you should first brush off excess hair or lather from your shaver using an old toothbrush or similar device designed for cleaning purposes rather than shaving.
  • Electric Shavers can be washed under running tap water which is warm to the touch, avoid hot water as this could damage the sensitive Electronic components inside the Electric Electric Shaver.
  • Electric Shavers have a lot of sensitive parts such as Electric Blades, Electric Coils, etc and it is advisable to use only a very mild soap that does not have any chemicals or abrasive components in it if you are going to use soap for cleaning purposes.
  • After washing Electric Razor thoroughly under running water, squeeze out all soapy water from your shaver without using too much pressure.
  • Electric Shavers have very high-speed rotating blades which can be hazardous so it is recommended to detach these blades from the main body of the shaver before proceeding with further steps of the electric shaver cleaning process.
  • Clean Electric Blades separately under running water to ensure no soap or hair remains on Electric Blades. Electric Shavers blades are usually made up of high-quality stainless steel, so it is recommended that you use only very mild soap for cleaning Electric Blades. Electric Shaver’s blades should be dried immediately to avoid rusting.
  • Electric Coils are also one of the most sensitive parts of Electric Shavers which can get damaged if exposed to excessive heat or water, so it is advised not to wash electric coils with water and keep the Electric Coils away from any form of liquid while cleaning Electric Shaver.
  • Electric Coils should be wiped with a soft cloth lightly soaked in some dry-cleaning solvent or rubbing alcohol before drying thoroughly under a fan or a heater. Electric Coils may overheat and damage the internal circuitry of the Electric Razor if cleaned with water, hence it is recommended to avoid any form of liquid from Electric Coils.
  • Electric Shavers also have some essential parts which require lubrication on a regular basis, so these components should be lubricated with a high-quality lubricating oil or grease after cleaning Electric Shaver thoroughly.
  • Electric Shavers have moving parts such as Electric Blades, Electric Coils, etc which need proper oiling for smooth movement of the device while shaving or trimming hair from different places of your body without causing you discomfort or pain in sensitive areas such as private parts, etc.
  • Always remember to use only high-quality lubricating oils or grease to oil Electric Shaver’s Electric Coils, Electric Blades, and other components.
  • Electric Shavers are delicate devices that require proper care and attention for smooth functioning so always keep your Electric Shaver in a well-ventilated area to avoid overheating the sensitive Electric Parts inside your Electric Razor while cleaning it.
  • Step 15. When not in use Electric Shavers should be kept in some protective case made of high-quality material where you can also store this protective case along with Electric Razor when traveling.

Cleaning an electric shaver is easy as long as you follow the above simple steps properly. Follow these steps regularly to ensure a longer life for your Electric Shaver. Electric Shavers are usually expensive devices, so proper care and maintenance are essential for Electric Shavers to last long.

Conclusion & Final Word

Cleaning an electric shaver takes little time but it ensures a smooth shaving experience every time you use your Electric Shaver. If you follow these steps regularly, you will probably never have to buy another new electric shaver for a very long time.

So we hope you enjoyed our Electric Shaver Cleaning Guide and this Electric Shaver Cleaning Guide will help you to clean Electric Shavers in a professional manner. Electric Shavers should be cleaned regularly for optimum performance.

After Electric Shaver is thoroughly clean, rinse the Electric shavers head under warm running water until all Electric shaver cleaner has been removed and Electric Shaver is once again running smoothly. Electric Shavers should be allowed to dry on Electric Shaver stand before use.