6 Best Electric Shavers for Bikini Area – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Electric Shavers for Bikini Area

The bikini area is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body. Just like the groin area for men, women are extra careful with the kinds of products that they allow to touch their private areas. Best Electric Shaver for the Bikini area is very useful for keeping hairs from peeking out when you wear your bikini.

Regular shaving of the bikini area is very crucial to a woman’s health and appearance. The kind of shaving razor used in the area is expected to have peculiar features that make them safe for use. In this article, we have put together a full buyer’s guide and review for best shavers for the bikini area.

Shaving all of the hair on the bikini area isn’t for everybody, but women who want the freedom of the hairless look should invest in an electric shaver. Because thick pubic hair must be shaved often, as it gets tangled and creates problems, the electric shaver saves time and money.

So we have liked 6 such electric shavers which are the best in today’s market and you can buy them for yourself.

Detailed Reviews of 6 Best Electric Shavers for Bikini Area

If you’re in the market to search for an electric shaver for Bikini Area, you should know that reading reviews and ratings can help you choose the best product.

The review for electric shavers is an important thing because you can easily view which ones are popular and which ones are not. Here are we provide a detailed review of leading electric shavers for the women’s private and bikini area.

1. YZONG Ladies Shaver – 4 in 1 Woman’s Electric Shaver

4 in 1 Ladies Electric Shaver, Cordless Women's Electric...*
  • ❤[Shaver & Massaging Cleansing Brush]Multi-Use 4 in 1 Lady...
  • ❤[Safe, Efficient & Painless]: Professional women electric...
  • ❤[IPX7 Waterproof]: Women shaver equips with an IPX7...
  • ❤[Cordless for Easy to Operated]: Cordless for your...

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Take a look at this YZONG electric shaver and you’re going to thank us later. With multi-use heads that are designed to meet every of your shaving needs, you can now do anything you want by yourself.

The open blade system is unique and optimized for a very fast shave. As for the external design, the handle of the shaver is non-slip and easy to grip even when it’s wet.

The shaver is FDA certified and so you can be sure of its safety. You can use it as a shaver head, trimmer, or cleansing brush. You’ll also enjoy painless shaving and protection from the anti-allergy foil shaving head.

The body is IPX7 waterproof which means you can do a wet or dry shave anytime, anyway you want it. It’s absolutely easy to pack when traveling and its cordless design makes it easier to use.

If you have any questions after the purchase, you can easily reach out to their sales team and get a response.

  • It’s a multi-use electric shaver.
  • It’s very easy to pack.
  • You can use it for a dry or wet shave.
  • It comes with two charging options: cradle charge or direct charge.
  • There’s only one design and color option to choose from.

2. Panasonic Cordless Shaver for Women – A Sleek, Waterproof Wet Dry Shaver

Panasonic Cordless Shaver & Epilator for Women With 7...
1,058 Reviews
Panasonic Cordless Shaver & Epilator for Women With 7...*
  • SEVEN SNAP ON ATTACHMENTS: For hair removal and spa-like...
  • QUICK HAIR REMOVAL: Is efficient with a wide 1.25 inches....
  • EASY CORDLESS EPILATION: For hard to reach areas, a 90...
  • WET DRY SHAVING & EPILATION: A sleek, waterproof wet dry...

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Now let’s talk about the Panasonic shaver for women. This one has a seven snap-on attachment that you can use to keep your bikini area as well as other Private body parts perfectly trimmed.

You’ll get an epilator head, epilator cap for sensitive skin, gentle epilator cap, bikini comb, foot care buffer, shaver head with a precision pop-up trimmer, and a sonic scrub brush. Those accessories will make shaving your bikini area a whole new experience for you.

For quick shaving and hair removal, the epilation head has a dual disk that is 1.25 inches wide. The tweezers are hypoallergenic and they’ll help to remove short hairs from your skin.

You can opt for a wet or dry shave with the cordless device that is absolutely easy to handle and turn in any direction that you want. With a three-speed setting, you can decide how fast you want your shaving to be and also observe the LED interface for function adjustments.

The package comes with a cleaning brush and a traveling pouch to make transporting it easier.

  • It has a sensitive area cap that helps to achieve narrow epilation in the bikini line.
  • It comes with an efficient bikini comb.
  • The epilator head pivots up to 90°.
  • It may be a little loud during use.

3. Philips Bodygroom Series – Ergonomic Grip for Maximum Control

Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 Showerproof Body...
10,100 Reviews
Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 Showerproof Body...*
  • With a unique dual sided design, you can shave or trim any...
  • This Body groomer has 5 adjustable lengths and an ergonomic...
  • This dual side Bodygroomer can be used wet or dry giving you...
  • With the ergonomic grip you can trim or shave in any...

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This Philips electric shaver has a dual-sided design and five adjustable lengths for the best experience in shaving women’s private areas. Its ergonomic body grip allows you to hold on tightly and avoid accidents while shaving.

You can use it for wet or dry shave as you want and turn it in any direction while giving your bikini area the treatment it deserves.

The shaver is powered by lithium batteries and you’ll get 80 total minutes of use after you’ve charged it fully. It also attains full charge within only an hour.

The Philips body groom series is unique for its dual-sided design with which you can switch any way you want to while shaving or trimming. It also arrives with a replacement foil and cleaning brush.

  • It’s quite affordable and great if you’re on a budget.
  • It is a showerproof brand.
  • It can’t be used while it’s charging.

4. Remington Electric Trimmer and Bikini Shaver – Smooth & Silky Shave for Women

Remington WDF5030ACDN Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver for...
2,647 Reviews
Remington WDF5030ACDN Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver for...*
  • Designed with a unique open blade system, this women’s...
  • Use this rechargeable foil shaver on legs, armpits, and...
  • Dual sided blade feature helps to lift longer hairs and...
  • 100% waterproof - can be used wet or dry, with or without...

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This 4-blade shaver is hypoallergenic and comes with a dual-sided trimmer. Its 4-blade shaver has an optimal angle head with an efficient smooth glide technology.

In the package are a head guard, charge stand, bikini comb, and a beauty bag. If you heard comfortable shaving and trimming for your bikini area, you can choose this device.

The rechargeable shaver is convenient, comforting, and efficient. The moisturizing almond oil strip is a huge addition that helps to keep the skin well-nourished during grooming. You can use it for a wet or dry shave and enjoy the antimicrobial treatment that keeps your skin safe from infection in women’s private areas.

The super easy to clean product is waterproof and comes with a bikini comb for achieving the very best bikini shave and keep your hair clean and smooth.

Also, the lift logic foils let you shave the hair of any length and at any angle. In other words, this shaver has got you covered big time!

  • The shaver is very lightweight, compare to other elctric shavers.
  • It comes with an antimicrobial treatment.
  • The full recharge time is quite long.

5. Braun Epilator Silk-épil for Women – Perfect for Beginners

Braun Epilator Silk-épil 5 5-810, Hair Removal for Women,...
1,470 Reviews
Braun Epilator Silk-épil 5 5-810, Hair Removal for Women,...*
  • LONG-LASTING RESULTS: epilate once and get smooth skin for...
  • INCLUDES: bikini trimmer for precise hair removal on bikini...
  • EFFICIENT: remove 4x shorter hair than wax, perfect epilator...
  • CONVENIENT: as easy as shaving, as long-lasting as wax for...

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Braun is a king at making epilators and electric shavers for all kinds of purposes. This Silk-Epil 5-810 model is one noted for being suitable for first-time users.

It removes the shortest of hairs with its highly effective micro-grip technology tweezers. It also comes with a bikini styler that helps you make perfect lines and design your bikini area the way you want.

The device is waterproof so you can choose to wet shave if you want. The dry shave is also available. A trimmer head, beginner cap, charger, cleaning brush, and bikini styler come with the package.

This means you won’t have to spend an extra dime to get these things. You’ll also get a painless experience because the massage cap produces pulsating active vibrations. You can use this device to shave other areas of your body apart from your bikini. It’s an all-in-one device for Ladies.

  • It comes with precision trimmers for bikini line design.
  • It comes with micro-grip tweezers for short hair.
  • It’s great for first-timers & beginners girls.
  • You can’t use it while charging.

6. Wahl Aqua Blade Shaver for Grooming – Used by Professionals

Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet/Dry Lithium Ion Deluxe...
4,381 Reviews
Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet/Dry Lithium Ion Deluxe...*
  • Extreme Precision Blade – Ultra close for shaving or...
  • Versatile Wet / Dry Use – Washable showerproof design with...
  • Complete Grooming System - 3 Different multipurpose...
  • Long-Lasting Battery – Lithium Ion power lasts for years &...

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And finally, you can decide to choose this Wahl Aqua blade. It will meet your shaving needs just as perfectly.

With a reliable shower-proof design, you can easily shave under the shower and wash your device afterward.

It’s efficient for very close trimming of pubic hair and you’ll get four detachable heads which you can use to shave, trim, design, or groom. It has a total of 2.5 hours run time after full charge which is one of the longest hours available for shavers.

You can quickly recharge it in three minutes to get five minutes of use in case you forget to charge and you need an urgent shave.

  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It comes with an electric travel lock.
  • It has a remarkable run time of 2.5 hours.
  • Its storage case is not big enough.

How to Buy the Best Electric Shavers for Bikini Area – Buyer’s Guide

Electric shavers are highly recommended for keeping the bikini and other private areas perfectly groomed. Thankfully, there are many highly efficient ones in the market.

Electric Shavers for grooming the bikini area are also fit for other private parts of the body. When you buying electric shavers for this purpose, make sure to kick the following features off the bucket list.

  1. Hypoallergenic: This is easily one of the most important things to look out for when buying electric shavers. Getting shavers whose blades are made with titanium or any other skin-friendly metal is highly recommended. This is to avoid skin irritation of several types. With a hypoallergenic blade, you’ll have fewer problems with ingrown hairs or infections especially if you have sensitive skin.
  1. Easy to Clean: The best electric shavers for the bikini area should be easy to clean and maintain. Often, depending on how much you invest in purchasing the shaver, they come with their own cleaning and disinfecting station. You should also be able to wash them under running water in case a cleaning station doesn’t come with the one you buy.
  1. Wet and Dry Shave Allowance: Some electric shavers are not made for wet shaving. For trimming your bikini area, it’s safe to buy a shaver that permits both. Because of how sensitive the area is, you will often prefer to lubricate before shaving to reduce the risk of getting ingrown hairs. Your choice shaver shouldn’t hinder you from doing what’s best for your health and convenience.
  1. Efficient Operation: You’re going to love a fast motor for your electric shaver. Efficient operation in terms of speed of oscillation, and the ability to give very close shaves are important attributes of a good electric shaver.
  1. Durability: Of course, what’s the use of buying a brittle electric shaver? Durability is key, otherwise, you’ll waste your investment. Always check the customer reviews of the product to get information on how long-lasting it is. With proper maintenance, good electric shavers last for several years before they need to be replaced.
  1. Waterproof: Waterproof electric shavers will allow you to use your shaver under the shower without any fear. You’ll also find that it’s easier to clean these types than it is to clean those that aren’t waterproof. You can also easily choose between a wet or dry shave when your shaver is waterproof.
  1. Good Battery Life and Fast Charge: You don’t want to get cut off from your shaving because of battery issues. That’s why you should check the quality of the batteries of your shaver before buying them. At full charge, you’re better off with a shaver of 50 total minutes or more. It should also be able to recharge very quickly so your shaver is ever ready for use.
  1. Lightweight: A heavy electric shaver may not be that appealing. This is also compounded by the fact that they may cause strain on the hand and may also be difficult to manipulate while shaving the bikini area. It’s often better to go for shavers with a very lightweight.
  1. Good Safety Attributes: Many shavers have been reported to cause accidents and nips on the bikini area. Don’t buy those! Your shaver should be a hundred percent safe for use. Moreso, because your private area is very sensitive, you can’t afford any cuts or wounds there. So choose carefully.
  1. Portable: This is also important to consider when buying your bikini area electric razor. Aim for potable designs that are easy to pack and travel with. You’ll be glad.


These are some questions that people frequently ask related to this topic:-

Q. Are Electric Shavers Better for the Bikini Area?

Yes, they are. Electric shavers may sometimes come pricey, but they are worth the money. For the bikini area, they are more hygienic, easier to use, and more trustworthy than manual razors. Generally, they’re your go-to if you’re trying to prevent ingrown hairs and shaving bumps.

Q. What is the Proper Shaving Hygiene for the Bikini Area?

Since you’re trying to keep the hair well-trimmed now that summer is here and you would want to show off your bikini, you should also maintain proper hygiene.

First, don’t share your electric shavers. It’s unethical to allow someone else uses your razors! To avoid ingrown hairs or bumps, you can exfoliate the area before shaving. A wet shave will also do the trick quite well. Also, replace your razors regularly and keep them well disinfected.

Q. Which Electric Shaver is the Best for the Bikini Area?

Braun, Panasonic, and Philips make very good electric shavers. The Braun Epilator Silk-épil 5 5-810, Hair Removal for Women,...* is one that you can totally trust for comfortable and super efficient shaving down there.

Q. What are the Important Safety Tips to Observe While Shaving?

One of the most important safety tips is to avoid using the shaver while it’s plugged in. Except the manufacturer says that you can, you should avoid this.

Also, read the manual carefully if you’re a first time user and increase the speed only when you have fully understood the device.

Conclusion & Final Verdict

Getting the best products requires an amount of research. But as far as electric shavers for the bikini area goes, you don’t have to break a sweat. Any of the above-reviewed products will serve you excellently well.

They also come with accessories that will make life super easier for you. Pick out any of them and begin to enjoy better hygiene immediately.

All in all, these are excellent electric razors catering to the need and demands of all the shaving requirements of the private parts of the body. The fact that all the customers have given it a top review is proof in itself that these are one of the six topmost liked electric shavers for bikini area by people all around.